The Language Corner now offers French lessons!

Our teachers are not only native French teachers, but also trained teachers who know all the peculiarities of the French language. French classes are adapted to students' needs and abilities so that they can get the most out of each class. We give you the opportunity to develop your skills and learn another language..

Our schools are located in the neighborhoods of La Elipa, 200 metres from the La Elipa metro(line 2) and 400 metres from the El Carmen metro(line 5), and in Garcia Noblejas a 5 minute walk from the La Almudena metro station (line 2) and 8 minutes from the Garcia Noblejas metro station(line 7)..

During French lessons, you will work on all aspects of the language of Molière, from oral to written comprehension as well as studying grammar, which is explained in a very simple way so that you can easily understand it and relate it to your own language.

French classes in Madrid from € 55 / month.

Our French department offers classes to students of any age (Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate, University, Business) Our professionalism and our personability allow us to create a comfortable and studious environment in our language school in Madrid.

We ensure that our classes are fun, dynamic and follow the objectives that are set at the beginning of each course.

In addition, we offer both private French lessons in Madrid, semi-private courses (for 1 or 2 students), group classes at the same level or private French classes at home or in companies and with programmes adapted to the needs of each student .

What's more, our French teachers have experience in the transcription of text as literary professionals and are available to do translations.

Come and meet us directly at our schools at:
Gerardo Cordón Street, 51 -28017 Madrid (metro L2 and L5) // Gandhi Street, 19 - 28017 Madrid. (metro L2 and L7).
By phone: 673 340 106 / 91 001 42 81, on Instagram, Facebook, and on our website