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How to keep learning English on holiday

Brit flipflops

August is nearly here and so the chances are that you have some holidays planned. It’s time to relax and take your mind off the day to day activities of life. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop learning English while you’re on the beach or in a foreign country (indeed being in a foreign country may mean you have plenty of opportunity to use your English!)

Here we give our top 5 pieces of advice to make sure you keep learning while you are away:

  • Take a book or e-book. We recommend bilingual books where you can see the text in 2 languages next to each other and compare the vocabulary and structures used:

  • Follow us on social media (if you aren’t doing already!) for regular advice, links and funny things to help your English in small pieces:

  • Stream films or English language learning videos using the hotel wifi:

  • Add some Podcasts to your MP3 player and mix them in with your summer music playlist:

  • Take your notes, exercises or magazines from class with you to revise vocabulary and grammar. Remember that revising past information is just as important as learning new things.

And return to class in September ready to take your English to the next level!