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6 Halloween Phrasal Verbs

♦ Look out! – Look out! is an exclamation you shout to warn someone about potential danger.Ghost


Look out! There’s a ghost behind you!


 turn into – when something turns into something else it becomes that thing.


She drank the magic potion and turned into a witch.


♦ dress up – to dress up is to put on costumes or clothes to make yourself look like someone or something else.Halloween-Costumes-For-Men-04


1. The children dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

2. I dressed up as a ghost for the Halloween party.


♦ scare off – to scare off someobody or something, is to make a person or animal so scared that they go away.


We scared the neighbours’ children away by dressing up as vampires and shouting loudly!


♦ hand out – to hand out something (or hand something out) is to give something to each person in a group of people.Trick-the-Treat-15-Healthy-Treats-to-Give-out-on-Halloween-MainPhoto


On Halloween, people hand out sweets to children who knock on their doors


♦ believe in – when you believe in something or somebody, you are sure that something or somebody exists.


1. Do you believe in ghosts?

2. My children still believe in witches and fairies.


Quiz Night at The Language Corner


Wednesday 29th October, 8.30-10.00pm, Calle Gandhi 19picture-question-mark

Practice your English and have fun at the same time!

You will play with other team members to try to answer as many trivia questions as possible.

-General knowledge


-News events


A level of at least A2 will be necessary to be able to participate effectively

8€ participation with a drink and snacks included

Contact us for more information or speak to Jess or Phil in the office!

Using I-pods to learn English


On October 23rd 2001 the first i-pod was revealed. It later went on sale on November 10th, 2001. The I-pod was introduced to the public and has forever changed the way we listen to music on the go. Do you own an i-pod or an mp3 player? Have you thought about how these devices can help you learn English?

Before the apps and internet connections of the smartphone, i-pods were trusted friends holding all of our music library.

It is great to fill your music library with recordings specifically for English Langauge learners, but don’t be afraid to venture out. There are podcasts available on a wide variety of topics. Think about topics that interest you: sports, news, politics, food, entertainment, etc and download podcasts in that genre.

Listening is a skill that many English learners have trouble with, so dust off your I-pod and play English on repeat.