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New Year’s Resolutions

The English Learner’s “New Year’s Resolutions”

This year I will:

  • Stop smoking
  • Join the gym
  • Put vocabulary or verb lists in obvious places. (Stick it on the fridge or in the bathroom)Resolution Fridge
  • Listen to audio, songs or podcasts, while cleaning, ironing or cooking. (These are the perfect activities when your hands are busy but you can still concentrate on the audio)
  • Start (or re-start) classes with The Language Corner!
  • Choose a TV series to follow in English, either with subtitles in English or Spanish or neither.
  • Use my mobile/tablet to read English on social media while on the Metro or waiting for somebody.Resolution Train
  • Write to native speakers using a website like LiveMocha.
  • Find places in Madrid to practice conversation in English.
  • Attend English classes regularly.

The Language Corner wish you a positive and successful 2015 learning English!

English Boxing Day Traditions

For most people in Madrid, the 26th of December is a day like any other, but for the majority of the English speaking world it is an important day for observing traditions.

While in Madrid and Spain as a whole (indeed most of Europe) a Winter break is observed in the football season, in the English Premier League there are still fixtures. In fact the Boxing Day game forms part of a busy schedule for footballers, which may seem strange to people in Madrid when they think of the English weather in Winter! For many fans the Boxing Day game is the highlight of the season, with some of English football’s biggest derbies played.

Boxing Day Football

One thing in common for a Madrid and an English Boxing Day is seeing the family and having a good conversation. Sometimes this means travelling to another part of the country or simply going to the local pub. One old tradition that is now illegal was the Boxing Day fox hunt, which saw groups of upper class men on horses travel across the English countryside with dogs to find and kill foxes. This old English tradition is seen like the typical bull fight you can see in Plaza de Toros in Madrid.

Fox Hunt

Shopping is also another big tradition, where English shops start their post-Christmas sales, similar to in Madrid. This means that while most people are enjoying their holiday at the football, with family or in the pub, some people do still have to work!

Boxing Day Shopping

Christmas and Winter Idioms and Phrases



Like turkeys voting for (an early) Christmas (to accept a situation with a bad outcome)

Working over the holiday period is like turkeys voting for Christmas!

Like Christmas came early (to receive some unexpected good news)

My boss gave us the afternoon off work, it was like Christmas came early!

To be snowed under: (to be very busy at work)

I can’t come out for a drink, I’m completely snowed under at work.

To put something on ice (to postpone something for later)

We’ll have to put the party on ice as not everyone can attend.

We re-open for classes on the 10th January so see you then! Over Christmas follow us on social media to keep learning and practising English:

Laughter English Activity in our Language Academy

Laugh, Play, Learn, Think, Grow, Enjoy and more!!




Improve your English in a fun and exciting way. The Language Corner English Academy is always seeking ways to make English more natural and interesting. The Language Corner is a language academy located in Madrid. Our center is located on Calle Gandhi, 19. (Metro La Almudena).

In our English Academy you will find native teachers leading conversation classes, and also test preparation classes. We have classes available for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

This Friday Dec 12th, we are giving English language learners the opportunity to enjoy English in a hands-on way. For 6€ (with a drink included) you can come to a Laughter Yoga class, completely in English.

Laughter Yoga is all games and laughing, you can improve your listening and thinking in English skills. This funny class takes place at the Language Academy that is located on Calle Gandhi, 19.



When: Friday Dec 12th 20:00-21:30

Where: The Language Corner: C/ Gandhi, 19

 Cost: 6 euros, drink included

Call us for more details: 91 001 42 81/ 673 340 106


“GET THE JOB!” English CV and Interview Workshop in Madrid

Do you want to have a perfect CV in English? Do you find interviews in English difficult? The Language Corner offers a professionally prepared 2 hour workshop that will give you the edge over rival candidates.

Thursday 18th Decembermagnifying-glass-resume-mdn

Session 1 – Native CV (7-8pm)

Mistakes on your CV could cost you the job you’ve been looking for. Our course gives you the key to writing your CV in a more native style, and offers a CV checking service.Interview

Session 2 – Native Interview (8-9pm)

A native teacher with a Human Resources background takes you through the most typical interview questions in English, before moving on to more specialised interview techniques used by many companies, such as Behavioural Interviews.

Business handshake

11€/per session in our academy in Calle Gerardo Cordón 51, Madrid

Metro: La Elipa

Contact us on 91 001 42 81//673 340 106

Laughter Yoga in Madrid

laughingWe had a great time in our first Laughter Yoga session in Madrid in June so we are repeating it on 12th December in Calle Gandhi 19, Madrid. Everything is in English so not only will you feel great mentally and physically but at the same time you will also improve your English with the help of a native English speaker. Don’t worry about your level of English as only a basic level is needed to participate.


The price is only 6€, which includes a drink. Of course this session is for everybody, not just The Language Corner students, so tell all your friends!

Contact us on 91 001 42 81//673 340 106

Do you know what exactly is Laughter Yoga? Find out more here: Laughter Yoga in Madrid.