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Common Speaking Mistakes in English 3

We hope that by now you have eliminated the common speaking errors from your English conversation using our handy guides here and here. Here are 3 more to avoid:

Take a coffee/drinkhave a coffee/drink
Would you like to have a beer after work?

Spend money in somethingspend money on something
Do you spend a lot of money on clothes?spend-money-on-clases-inglés-madrid

Different thatdifferent than
This cheese is different than I expected.

The native teachers in our 2 Madrid schools in La Elipa and García Noblejas listen for common mistakes in class and correct your errors. Contact us for more information if you are interested in joining one of our conversation or Cambridge exam preparation (FCE or CAE) classes.

Movie Night!

We are approaching the end of January! On January 1st  many made New Year’s Resolutions. A common New Year’s Resolution is, “How can I learn English in Madrid?”

The Language Corner’s English language blogs are filled with helpful hints for learning English. (Just reading the blog is a great start!)

Choosing an English academy with native speakers is very important to get the most from your language learning. Classes taught by native teachers are about much more than accent, it’s about having a greater understanding of culture.

Immerse yourself with Anglo-saxon culture and watch a movie, in ORIGINAL VERSION. The Language Corner is having MOVIE NIGHT!

We are going to the movies, Come!

We are going to the movies, Come!

Wednesday, 28 January we will go to Cine Princesa to see, INTO THE WOODS. Cine Princesa is located at Metro Plaza De España. It is a short, and direct, ride from either of our English academies located at metro La Elipa and Metro La Almudena.

We will depart from our our two language academies at 10pm. You are welcome to meet us at the school, or meet us at the cinema.

Contact us at: 601 204 740 or write us at for more information, or to sign up.

We will buy tickets in advance so the 4 euros must be paid by Monday, 26 January.

Martin Luther King Jr.

January 19th in the United States of America Martin Luther King Jr day was celebrated.

The Language Corner English Academy has a Native Teacher from the United States. In one of the conversation classes she teaches in Ciudad Lineal, she taught about a recent US holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Read below to find out more:

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American human rights worker.


Martin Luther King is known for the work he did fighting for African-Americans to have equal rights in the United States of America. He, however fought for much more. He was very active in the fight for workers to have fair wages. Martin Luther King had big dreams of a world where one would not be judged by his or her outside appearance, but rather by his or her character. He believed that people should be treated as equals and each person should have the same possibilities in life as every other person. He believed in non-violence and achieved the spreading of his message with marches, speeches and peaceful protests.


A great way to practice English is by listening to and reading speeches. Here is Martin Luther King Jr’s most famous speech, I Have a Dream. Another great way to practice English is to watch movies in English. There area many movie theaters in Madrid that play movies in original version. Keep an eye out for Selma. It was released on Dec 25th in the United States and is a film about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Why learn only a language when you can also learn a culture? Learning English from native speakers in Madrid gives the opportunity to learn not only words and grammar in an academy, but with qualified teachers from English speaking countries, The Language Corner makes English real and alive.

Common Speaking Mistakes In English 2

We hope you found the first part of our Common Mistakes posts helpful! Now we have another post with more common errors that the native teachers from our 2 academies in Madrid often hear.

Here you have the error in red and the correct way of speaking in green:

Yesterday night – last night
e.g. I went out last night with some friends.

All the days – every day
e.g. I should practice my English every day.

Make a question – ask a question
e.g. Can I ask you a question please?


If you have any other suggestions of common errors that Spanish speakers make then leave us a comment. We will have another Blog post soon with more help for your English conversation!

Common Speaking Mistakes in English 1

Between the teachers at The Language Corner in Madrid we have many years’ experience teaching English. This has helped us to identify the most common mistakes and we want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes!

Here you have the error in red and the correct way of speaking in green:

I have 25 years
I am 25 (years old)

Homework (homework is already plural)
e.g I always do my homework

This night
e.g. Tonight I will do my English homework!keep-calm-and-do-your-english-homework-5


Our native teachers are always listening to the conversations in class to correct any mistakes in English where necessary. There will be more common mistakes coming soon on The Language Corner blog!

English Classes 2015 Timetable


The timetable in our 2 language schools in Madrid hasn’t changed for 2015. Whether you prefer the school in La Elipa (Calle Gerardo Cordón) or García Noblejas (Calle Gandhi) you are guaranteed a friendly welcome and the best help possible to answer your questions about our English courses.

The timetable for classes and office hours is as follows:Opening Hours La Elipa García Noblejas inglés academia

We look forward to seeing old and new faces to help you achieve your goals in English in 2015, whether that is improving your level of conversation or preparing for FCE or CAE exams.