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Free English With Native Teachers!

We are hosting an evening of free English activities in Ascao (Pueblo Nuevo) with our native teachers in the bar “La Esquina de los More”, Calle Ascao 31.bar_inglés_gratis_nativo_madrid

This is a great opportunity for you to practice your English conversation and get to know our native teachers. It will take place in a lovely cosy bar in Ascao, in the middle of our two schools in La Elipa and García Noblejas in the east of Madrid.

There will be fun activities and a special offer of 2 for 1 on drinks. Come and practice English conversation in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

When: 13th March, 20.30h
Where: Calle Ascao 31, Madrid
Cost: Free!

Free Career Workshop

Do you want to have a perfect CV in English? Do you find interviews in English difficult? The Language Corner offers a professionally prepared 1.5 hour workshop that will give you the edge over rival candidates.Taller_gratis_nativo_ingles_madrid

Native CV

Mistakes on your CV could cost you the job you’ve been looking for. Our course gives you the key to writing your CV in a more native style, and offers a CV checking service.

Native Interview

A native teacher with a Human Resources background takes you through the most typical interview questions in English, before moving on to more specialised interview techniques used by many companies, such as Behavioural Interviews.

Thursday 26th March

Calle Gandhi 19, Madrid

Metro: La Almudena or García Noblejas

World Radio Day

Did you know today 13th February is World Radio Day? Listening to the radio is a great way of improving your listening skills in English.World Radio Day English Madrid

Key Benefits:

  • Only listening (no subtitles!)
  • Do another activity at the same time
  • Get used to different accents
  • People talking on a range of topics

A lot of people say they don’t like listening to English programmes because they don’t understand everything, but at the beginning that is to be expected! Think of it like being a baby, who doesn’t understand everything, but who has to learn to first recognise the important words and the context. Eventually they start to understand more and more until they do it without realising! Start by choosing a topic that you are interested in (sport, current affairs, science) and you will find it much easier.

Top English Language Radio Stations: on Radio Circulo
Madrid Live (100.4 FM): arts, entertainment and social interest in Madrid, broadcast Tuesdays at 18:30 and repeated on Wednesdays at 09:30.

Radio 80 (89 FM): broadcasts news in English Monday to Saturday from 07:00-08:00

Current affairs from a Spanish point of view, broadcast from next door to our school in La Elipa. Monday to Friday 23.30-00.00. Tuesday to Saturday 02.00-02.30.

With these programmes you have access to English language radio at all times of the day. All programmes are available to stream whether you are in Madrid or somewhere else!

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Meet Phil



Name: Phil

Place of Birth: York, England

How long have you been working at the Language Corner? Since March 2013

Favourite thing about Madrid: The relaxed atmosphere. After living in London for 6 years this is the perfect way to chill out and enjoy the pace of life a bit more.

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’ve been an English teacher and administrator for over 8 years, both in England and Spain. In my spare time I go exploring Madrid on foot, which is a great way to get to know the city… slowly! 

What is your favourite movie? Forrest Gump

Top tip for learning English: Spend as much time as possible listening to English. At first it might seem difficult and frustrating as you don’t understand a lot, but eventually you get used to hearing different sounds, intonations and stresses, and you find you’re not trying to listen to every word. For this I recommend listening to as much music as possible, watching online TV and specific content for improving your level of listening.

Level of Spanish: Good enough to deal with the public in an English school and sing at Rayo Vallecano games!

Tell me something interesting about yourself: I like to DJ so if you’re interested in some DJ classes (in English) then you know where to ask!