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Summer Fun, Creative English Classes

If you are looking for summer English classes in Madrid, The Language Corner is the place for you! We are a language academy with classes during July and August.

The Language Corner will continue its normal conversational classes for children and adults. These classes are taught by native teachers and are for all levels from beginners to natives. This summer The Language Corner also continues Exam prep classes, these classes focus on the grammar and content of the standard tests such as: PET, FCE, CAE.


Those aren’t the only summer English courses The Language Corner offers. If you are in Madrid and want to improve your English this summer, but would like to forget textbooks and learn English in a more dynamic manner, we have what you are looking for!Julio-intensivo-verano-inglés


This summer, in Ciudad Lineal, The Language Corner will offer workshops from Monday through Thursday. The workshops will include: Theatre, Arts and Crafts, Creative writing, Music, Dance, Cinema, Poetry, Storytelling, Games and more.


Looking for intensive English courses? Contact us to organize your intensive course, choose from a timetable of 4-12 hours/week in our academy.

Call (910 001 42 81 – 673 340 106)  or send an email If you are in the Ciudad Lineal or Pueblo Nuevo area stop by either of our language academies and talk to us in person. Metros: La Elipa, Garcia Noblejas, or La Almudena.



Keep Improving Your English This Summer… Don’t Sleep On It!

This summer in-between your travel plans you should make time to keep improving your English. Taking an English audio book to listen to while you’re on the beach or something to read on the plane are great ideas to continue learning. (See more tips here)Don't Sleep On It Inglés Madrid Verano

At The Language Corner we don’t close during summer so for Intensive English Summer Courses in Madrid look no further! In addition to some regular classes continuing throughout the summer, we have special one week courses of 2 or 3 hours every day. It’s the perfect way to boost your English!

We have adults’ and children’s classes, from Beginner to Advanced, and Cambridge exam preparation (PET, First Certificate, CAE.) Ask us to find out our timetable.

Come and join our native English teachers in La Elipa to make rapid improvements while the rest of Madrid sleeps!Siesta La Elipa Nativo Intensivo