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English idioms #9




meaning: to suddenly, completely quit a habit (usually a bad habit!)



I smoke 20 cigarettes a day – but I want to stop. On Monday I’m going to go cold turkey and smoke zero!

Help Build a school in Tanzania and possibly win a car in Spain!

Jessica, one of the native English teachers at The Language Corner located on Calle Gandhi, 19 28017, spent one year volunteering in Africa. While in Africa, she volunteered teaching students who were learning English. This gave her lot of experience that she uses in her English classes in Madrid.

This experience also let Jessica see first hand what it is like to live in a “third world country”. If you are living in Madrid and would like to help a project in Africa, Born To Learn is a Tanzanian NGO. It helps to fund education for children who cannot afford it.

Born to Learn is an NGO in Tanzania helping children get an education.

Born to Learn is an NGO in Tanzania helping children get an education.

To help raise money for this NGO raffle tickets are being sold. Each ticket is 2,50€.  All money collected will be donated directly to the NGO. Not only are you helping a great organization, but one person will win a car! The draw will take place December 26th.

On Dec 26th on person will win the 1961 "Beetle".

On Dec 26th someone will win this 1961 “Beetle”.

Want to know where you can buy tickets? They are for sale at our English school in Madrid. The Language Corner English Academy has two centers to study English in Ciudad Lineal.
The Language Corner La Elipa Calle Gerardo Cordón, 51 (Metro La Elipa or El Carmen)
The Language Corner Gandhi Calle Gandhi, 19 (Metro La Almudena or Garcia Noblejas)

Want to learn more about Born To Learn check this video:


Elipon – The neighbourhood game!


La Nueva Elipa (the residents association of La Elipa) have released the second edition of their excellent board game, “Elipon”. Players go round buying and selling businesses in a bid to become the richest and most successful business in the area. What makes it really exciting is that they are all ones you will recognise from La Elipa…and this new edition includes the Language Corner!! And…there’s also a dragon!

Copies of the game are available to buy at our language academies in La Elipa and San Blas right now, It’s a great way of raising awareness and supporting local businesses in the area while having fun, and with Christmas coming, an excellent gift!

Come and get your copy today!

A quick natter with Lauren in La Elipa


Hello! How are you and who are you?

Hello! I’m Lauren and Ì’m great, thank you!

Where are you from?:

I’m from Canterbury in Kent, England.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hmm what do I say? Well, I enjoy cooking, eating, going for long walks…and travelling!

How long have you been working at The Language Corner?:

I’ve been here since September 2015

What do you like most about teaching?:

Meeting lots of new people

What do you think is difficult about learning Spanish?

Can I say ‘everything??’ Erm…how fast people speak, and the sounds, the spanish ‘R’, the jota…!!

What kind of books do you like?:

A like a good mystery novel but my favourite book is “catcher in the Rye.”(“El guardián entre el centeno )

Top tip for learning English:

Enjoy it! Don’t stress, have fun!

Tell us a random fact about yourself:

I love animals – I used to have five rabbits!

I Love to Write Day!


November 15, 2015 is the 13th anniversary of I LOVE TO WRITE DAY. Founded November 15, 2002 by author John Riddle this is a great day to practice your English by using your writing skills!

While I LOVE TO WRITE DAY began as an event taking place in the USA, it is not limited to people living in America. This day is an opportunity for students learning English in Madrid to practice writing in English.

Writing is a great tool to help develop English skills. The Native teachers from the Language Corner agree that the ability to write in English will helps with thinking and expressing in English.

Writing is a skill that can really help you with your language learning. This November 15, why not join in on the fun of I LOVE TO WRITE DAY and develop a habit of daily writing. You do not have to write anything long. It can be a short story, a poem, a card, a note, etc.

English classes at The Language Corner can help you start writing. Both of the English Language Schools located in Ciudad Lineal (The Language Corner La Elipa: Calle Gerardo Cordón, 51 and The Language Corner Gandhi: Calle Gandhi, 19) have English classes taught by native teachers. In class, you will learn English by speaking, writing, listening, practising grammar and more!

If you are interested in improving your English, but don’t like the idea of traditional classes, the Language Corner also offers book club. During Book club a reduced group of students will read short stories and discuss content from the book. This creative English class will also encourage students to create their own stories.



English Idioms#5


You’re pulling my leg!

meaning: you’re joking!



a:Look! There’s a pig flying in the sky!!

b:Where, where? I can’t see it!

a: It’s not there really, I’m just pulling your leg.