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SLP3 Exam Preparation

The Language Corner is excited to announce the launch of a brand new course dedicated to SLP 3 exam preparation. Exclusively offered to members of the military, the course focuses on the necessary SPEAKING, WRITING, READING, and LISTENING skills needed for SLP 3.
Taught by native speakers intimately familiar with the SLP exam and designed by past EMID examiners, the course focuses on:

– The BORE (formerly FORTE), role plays, picture description and abstract speaking styles needed to pass the oral exam.

– The writing of 300 word compositions using past exam questions for both the military and non-military topics.

– Common exam topics including current events, legal matters, education, crime and global politics.

– Practice reading exams in the SLP 3 format.

– Practice listening exams in the SLP3 format.1158296636_g_0

Our language school in Ciudad Lineal (Calle Gandhi 19) near Metro Garcia Noblejas offers comfortable learning conditions and easy parking to ensure the most pleasant and rewarding experience possible.maniobras-ejercito-villaviciosa--644x362


English idioms #13




meaning: to describe exactly the cause of a situation or problem




a – Everyone always complains about the boss. I think the problem is he doesn’t comunicate  well enough


b – I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. He needs to talk to his staff more.


A great time to start learning languages!


So, it’s January, the Christmas trees have been taken down, the three Kings have ridden off on their camels and it’s the perfect time to start on your new years resolutions! So what will it be?. Go to the gym!? Nah, you´ll get bored with that. Go on a diet?? Come on! It’s cold, don’t torture yourself – have a piece of cake if you want it!

No, if you’re really serious about wanting to make progress with a useful activity, now is the perfect time …to learn another language! At the Language Corner academies in Ciudad Lineal we have English, French and German classes from beginners levels to advanced. Whether you are an existing student, returning after a break or have never studied a language before, there is something for you.

At both our academies in La Elipa and San Blas this month we are starting new English beginners classes. If you know someone who hasn’t studied English before, no problem, our qualified native speaker teachers have experience with teaching beginners and they don’t need to already know anything to start speaking English in class. Beginners classes are starting this month so don’t let anyone you know who wants to start learning miss the opportunity to enrol in a class with other people at the same level.

Last year we had more and more students coming into the language academies looking to study for the Cambridge exams. In both La Elipa and La Almudena we have classes for the First certificate and the Avanced certificate. Groups are limited numbers, only 8 per class. Several of our exam prepration classes are already full so do’t miss the chance to join a class before they completely fill up.

On top of this we have a brand new German class at the academy in San Blas/La Almudena and a French beginners class in La Elipa. And of course, we are continuing all our existing classes from 2015 and where there are spaces, having new students join too.

So don’t just forget about your new years resolutions, put them into action!

Wishing all the best to all our students new and old this 2016 😉

English idioms #12




meaning: to put pressure on someone to do something


a – Ok, it’s ten o’clock, I have to go home now.


b – Hey, don’t go home now, stay for another drink!


a – Oh okay, you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll stay.”