Monthly Archives: October 2018

Happy Halloween!

As a student’s father said to me today, just a few decades ago Halloween was barely even heard of. Today, however, almost all of our students here at the academy have arrived for their English classes wearing some form of costume, or carrying some novelty item which represents Halloween.

So why is Halloween becoming so popular here in Spain? Although we do celebrate Halloween to a certain extent in the UK, it has always seemed to me to be much more of an American tradition, so one reason for this sudden and dramatic rise in popularity of the tradition could possibly be because of the influence American TV programmes and films are having on other countries and cultures.

Because of this, many of our younger students have been asking about vocabulary in English related to this tradition. Here are a few examples of words related to Halloween , and their translations in Spanish:

Candy/Sweets – Dulces/Chuches

Costume – Disfraz

Pumpkin – Calabaza

Ghost – Fantasma

Witch – Bruja

Bat – Murcielago

Haunted house – Casa embrujada

Dress up – Disfrazarse

If you’d like any more information on specific subjects or topics in English, feel free to contact us or to visit one of our language academies in person in La Almudena or La Elipa in Madrid, where you can speak to our native teachers who can give you plenty of information about English and our courses.