6 Halloween Phrasal Verbs

♦ Look out! – Look out! is an exclamation you shout to warn someone about potential danger.Ghost


Look out! There’s a ghost behind you!


 turn into – when something turns into something else it becomes that thing.


She drank the magic potion and turned into a witch.


♦ dress up – to dress up is to put on costumes or clothes to make yourself look like someone or something else.Halloween-Costumes-For-Men-04


1. The children dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

2. I dressed up as a ghost for the Halloween party.


♦ scare off – to scare off someobody or something, is to make a person or animal so scared that they go away.


We scared the neighbours’ children away by dressing up as vampires and shouting loudly!


♦ hand out – to hand out something (or hand something out) is to give something to each person in a group of people.Trick-the-Treat-15-Healthy-Treats-to-Give-out-on-Halloween-MainPhoto


On Halloween, people hand out sweets to children who knock on their doors


♦ believe in – when you believe in something or somebody, you are sure that something or somebody exists.


1. Do you believe in ghosts?

2. My children still believe in witches and fairies.


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