Cambridge Exams!!

Take your Cambridge Exam with The Language Corner!

There are many advantages to achieving the First Certificate or Advanced Exams, such as improving your English, gaining an internationally recognised qualification and boosting your CV.

The FCE exam is changing in 2022, with the Use of English and Reading sections now together on the same exam, meaning that there will be 4 parts to the exam instead of the current 5 parts. There will be a different focus on the Speaking and Writing sections to bring them up-to-date. Overall the exam will be 30 minutes shorter than the 2021 version.

There are many test centres around Madrid and we can help you find a test centre and a date that are convenient to you. Tests run throughout 2022 so you are not too late to start working towards achieving your qualification this year!

We have classes at both the La Elipa and La Almudena schools, with various classes in the morning and the evening. All classes are with native English teachers.

Ask us about FCE or CAE classes and opportunities to take the exams with The Language Corner.


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