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English idioms #17


To Sit on the Fence


meaning: to be neutral in an argument or discussion, or to not know which side to choose.



Tom: I think we should have the party in a restaurant.

Dave: I disagree, we should have the party at my house. What do you think Bob?

Bob: I don’t know, I’m going to sit on the fence.

Juegos de Trivia – Martes 17 Mayo 20.30



We’ve nearly at the end of our free activites in Ciudad Lineal season and we’re finishing with Juegos de Trivia. Lauren, one of our native English teachers in Madrid is hosting a trivia quiz covering a wide range of subjects. The quiz should be suitable for all levels, the challenge is – do have the general knowledge needed to win???

Come along to the academy in la Elipa on Tuesday for a relaxed hour practising your English in a natural way. It’s completely free and there are prizes!!!

You can reserve your space at the Language Corner academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao or call us on 673340106 or 910014281

We ‘re looking forward to seeing you there!

Free Conversation in English – Travel, miércoles 11 de mayo de 2016, Bar ‘La Oficina’. Calle de San Telesforo, 44, Madrid


Summer is coming soon and it’s time to start planning trips away! Our Free English Activities in Ciudad Lineal season continues with an English conversation group for learners with minimum B1 level.
The group is an invitation to practice your English and start dreaming about all the wonderful trips you have planned in the coming months.
We will meet in Bar La Oficina near our the Language Corner academy in San Blas/Ascao in Ciudad Lineal. It is between Metro La Almudena and Metro Garcia Noblejas.
You can also have lunch during the class or just have a drink while we chat.

With the rain we are having this weekend, it´s the perfect time to think about the summer and the relaxing months ahead. To reserve your place, call us on 673 340 106/ 910 014 281 or visit us in the academies in San Blas or la Elipa.

See you there!

Actividades de inglés gratis – Conversación – Football – 6 mayo 19.30



This week we continue our season of free English activites in Ciudad Lineal season. Max, one of our native English teachers in Madrid, will be hosting a conversation hour on many people´s favourite topic –football!

Which team do you support?

Who scored the best goal this season?

Who was your player of the year?

And why is it that British football fans sing “Ole Ole Ole????”

All of these questions and many more will be discussed – it’s a great chance to learn terms to talk about the beautiful game in a relaxed environment. To reserve your place, just contact us on 673340106 or visit us at the academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao.

And remember, it’s free!

See you there 🙂

Game of Thrones – discussion class! 28 Abril 21.00


Season 6 of Game of thrones started this week! Have you seen it yet?? With no more books to cover NOBODY knows what is going to happen next, including maybe writer George R Martin himself!

This Thursday at the Language Corner academy in La Elipa, Andy, one of our native English teachers in Madrid, will be leading a conversation class all about the sensational series. We’ll be discussing: what happened in the episode, how the story has developed so far, your predicitons for the future and just how do you think all the different elements of this massive fantasy world going to come together?!!

This is all part of our our Free English Activities in Ciudad Lineal season and remember, it is completely free, even if you are not a student at the academy.

To reserve your space, call us on 910014281/673340106 or visit us in the academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao.

You can even wear fancy dress, if you want 😉 see you there!

Theatre workshop – Taller de teatro 27 Abril GRATIS!


This week, as part of our free English activities in Ciudad Lineal season, we are holding 3 different workshops.

The first, this Wednesday is our Taller de Teatre – Theatre workshop. It will be hosted by Josh, one of our native English teachers in Madrid.  Students will use their English skills to play theatre games and act out scenes. No acting experience is necessary, you just to need to come along and be ready to have fun.

Theatre is an excellent way to practice speaking, reading and listening skills and you never know, maybe after this exciting workshop, you´ll even feel inspired to practice your writing too!!

The workshop with be held on Wednesday 27 Abril at 20.30 at the Language Corner, our English academy on Calle Gandhi, San Blas/Ascao. To reserve your place, call us on 673 340 106/91001 42 81 or visit us at the academy.

And remember, it´s completely free!