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Poetry is an excellent way to improve your English. Poetry is diverse and allows you to choose from many different topics of interest. There are also endless styles and formats of poetry. Poetry vocabulary varies from simple to complex.
Many poems us repetition, rhyming, and rhythm to help increase your English pronunciation.

Go ahead, choose your favorite poem, in English, and get to reciting!!

The British Council has a great poetry and stories section to practice English, check it out here: Stories and Poems.

If you would like to use poetry in the English learning classroom, our native teachers can help you with that!

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Keep Improving Your English This Summer… Don’t Sleep On It!

Keep Improving Your English This Summer… Don’t Sleep On It!
This summer in-between your travel plans you should make time to keep improving your English. Taking an English audio book to listen to while you’re on the beach or something to read on the plane are great ideas to continue learning.

Don’t Sleep On It Inglés Madrid Verano!

At The Language Corner we don’t close during summer so for Intensive English Summer Courses in Madrid look no further! In addition to some regular classes continuing throughout the summer, we have special one week courses of 2 or 3 hours every day. It’s the perfect way to boost your English!

We have adults’ and children’s classes, from Beginner to Advanced, and Cambridge exam preparation (PET, First Certificate, CAE.) Ask us to find out our timetable.
Come and join our native English teachers in La Elipa to make rapid improvements while the rest of Madrid sleeps!


Our Favourite Irish Bars In Madrid!

Whether you are looking for a quiet bar to relax or somewhere with a bit more life, you can find many excellent Irish bars in Madrid. Most offer interesting English, Irish and World beers. Most have live music, performances or quiz nights in English, and show the best English football. Often the bar staff are native English speakers so you can also use the opportunity to have a conversation with them and practise your speaking skills!

irish flag

Irish Corner – This is the perfect local bar for us in Pueblo Nuevo, as it is a short distance from both the La Elipa and La Almudena schools. The bar is at the corner of Calle Hermanos García Noblejas and Calle Alcalá right next to Ciudad Lineal metro station. They show all the English Premier League football as well as La Liga games and have regular live music in English.

James Joyce – Further along Calle Alcalá is the James Joyce bar, which is always packed for the big sporting events that are shown on the big screens. In particular we recommend going to watch 6 Nations rugby here which includes the English, French and Italian national rugby teams.

Jarritas Irish Pub – This is unlike the other bars we recommend, in that it is very small! This gives it a fantastic authentic Irish atmosphere, with an authentic English speaking landlord!

Triskel Tavern – A favourite of Brits and Americans this is a city centre bar where you are sure to hear English conversations from the customers. Another reason it is one of our favourite Irish bars in Madrid is their open mic music night on Thursdays, where you can often see The Language Corner teachers having a drink, and in particular one of our English teachers singing and playing guitar!

Dubliners – We recommend Dubliners because of their great selection of live music that they tuck into the corner of their city centre bar. The music is a mixture of Spanish and English from the 60s to the present day. It gets busy at the weekend which makes for a great atmosphere with various nationalities mixing together.


Laughter Therapy Workshop at The Language Corner La Elipa!

Hello everyone! I would like to cordially invite you to our laughter therapy workshop Saturday, November 12th from 10:30 to 13:30 at The Language Corner in La Elipa. For students 18 to 30 years old, this is a fantastic opportunity hosted by Comunidad de Madrid. The cost is only 14 euros for three hours of laughter and English! We will explore all the various benefits of laughter. Please reserve your place now!  Please find the website for the Comunidad de Madrid below for more details for this workshop and other events as well!



Laughter is the best medicine”

Find out if this age-old adage is true by joining us on 12th November in The Language Corner, La Elipa for Laughter Therapy. For only 14€ (10€ with Carné Joven)

In the Laughter Therapy workshop participants can learn to enjoy the present and connect with their inner child by being spontaneous and creative. Using both body language and English, the aim is to have some genuine laughs which will benefit us physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially.

Date: Saturday 12th November

Time: 10:30 – 13:30

Place: The Language Corner, C/ Gerardo Cordón, 51


Game of Thrones – discussion class! 28 Abril 21.00


Season 6 of Game of thrones started this week! Have you seen it yet?? With no more books to cover NOBODY knows what is going to happen next, including maybe writer George R Martin himself!

This Thursday at the Language Corner academy in La Elipa, Andy, one of our native English teachers in Madrid, will be leading a conversation class all about the sensational series. We’ll be discussing: what happened in the episode, how the story has developed so far, your predicitons for the future and just how do you think all the different elements of this massive fantasy world going to come together?!!

This is all part of our our Free English Activities in Ciudad Lineal season and remember, it is completely free, even if you are not a student at the academy.

To reserve your space, call us on 910014281/673340106 or visit us in the academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao.

You can even wear fancy dress, if you want 😉 see you there!

Theatre workshop – Taller de teatro 27 Abril GRATIS!


This week, as part of our free English activities in Ciudad Lineal season, we are holding 3 different workshops.

The first, this Wednesday is our Taller de Teatre – Theatre workshop. It will be hosted by Josh, one of our native English teachers in Madrid.  Students will use their English skills to play theatre games and act out scenes. No acting experience is necessary, you just to need to come along and be ready to have fun.

Theatre is an excellent way to practice speaking, reading and listening skills and you never know, maybe after this exciting workshop, you´ll even feel inspired to practice your writing too!!

The workshop with be held on Wednesday 27 Abril at 20.30 at the Language Corner, our English academy on Calle Gandhi, San Blas/Ascao. To reserve your place, call us on 673 340 106/91001 42 81 or visit us at the academy.

And remember, it´s completely free!

Free Activities in English!

This spring we are very pleased to announce our programme of free, fun activities in English which will be taking place in the academies in La Elipa and San Blas/Ascao as well as in other places around Pueblo Nuevo and Ciudad Lineal. Learning English isn’t only about grammar and studying, it’s also important to use the language naturally and doing fun activites in a relaxed environment is an excellent way to practice and build your fluency.

So don’t wait, take a look at our programme below! We have a great variety ranging from converation about your favourite topics (football and Game of thrones), practical help with English interviews, talking about your life via drawing and trivia games, including the great English tradition – the pub quiz, where not only your English, but also your general knowledge (and maybe your drinking skills?) will be put the the test!

And remember, these activites are completely free! Just call to confirm your place, or visit us at the academies. All the activities are run by our experienced native English teachers and everyone is welcome, whether a new of current student of the academy.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!