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Cambridge Exams

The Cambridge exams like The First Certificate (FCE) and The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) are world renowned and accepted by universities and employers alike. These exams measure your linguistic ability over four exams; Reading and Use of English, in which you are expected to be knowledgeable about varying grammar and lexical structures as well as reading comprehension. Writing, where you have to write two compositions, Listening, a four part testing your ability to pick out relevant information from a variety of conversations and monologues, and Speaking, a fifteen minute exam done with a partner.

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At The Language Corner, our experienced native teachers can help you succeed in passing either The First Certificate or The Certificate in Advanced English. With specific classes dedicated to the preparation of The Cambridge Exams, our native teachers will help you improve not only your exam technique, but also your Use of English, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. Using Cambridge certified material and exam style exercises, the Cambridge Exam preparation classes at The Language Corner in La Elipa and Garcia Noblejas will assist you in reaching your English language goals be they personal, to improve your job prospects or to further your academic studies.

Whether you need a Cambridge Certificate in English or not, the FCE and CAE preparation classes are ideal for any student wishing to improve all aspects of their English, including the dreaded Writing! So why not come to our English academies located in La Elipa and García Noblejas to try a free class with our native teachers and see how much you enjoy it?

Welcome Back

Summer is sadly over, but with the changing of the seasons (not yet though – phew, it’s hot here in Madrid!), here in our language schools in La Elipa and La Almudena, the new academic year is already getting going. We’ve already nearly finished our first full week of English, French and German classes.

But fear not, there are still slots available for you to take advantage of our team of native teachers, and vastly improve your language skills.

We have classes available for all levels and age groups in our schools in La Elipa (Gerardo Cordón, 51) and La Almudena (Gandhi, 19), from 10 in the morning to 10 at night, Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings.

Whether you’re looking for a chance to practise your conversation skills, brush up on your grammar, or prepare for one of those important official exams, such as CAE or First Certificate, we have a native teacher and a class for you!

Please come and see us in La Elipa or Gandhi any time from 4.30 to 9.30 in the evening, and 10.30 to 13.30 on Tuesday and Thursday, and we’ll find your ideal class.

Don’t forget we also have French and German classes available.

It’s Summer!!!



It’s summer and we know what you’re thinking…beach, sea, a nice spot under a tree…but remember


are still open in July and August. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep practising your English. We will be open Monday to Thursday, mornings and evenings in both the academy in La Elipa and en San Blas/Pueblo Nuevo.

We are offering our usual general English, Cambridge exam preperation and conversation classes as well as French and German, all with native speaker teachers.

We are also running intensive First and Advanced Cambridge exam preperation classes. See details of our SPECIAL OFFER here.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on our blog. Sea, tree, we…did you see the connection???

Wishing everyone a great summer!!!!


English idioms #17


To Sit on the Fence


meaning: to be neutral in an argument or discussion, or to not know which side to choose.



Tom: I think we should have the party in a restaurant.

Dave: I disagree, we should have the party at my house. What do you think Bob?

Bob: I don’t know, I’m going to sit on the fence.

New French classes this June!


This June in the language academy in San Blas/Ascao we are starting a new French class for beginners. As usual, this will be with one of our native teachers.

The class will start Wednedsay 15th june at 6.30pm.

Please call us now on 673340106 or 910014281, or visit us in the langauge academies on Calle Gandhi or in La Elipa.

We look forward to seeing you!

Learn Mandarin Chinese in Madrid


Here at the Language Corner academy in Ciudad Lineal, we are proud to teach a variety of languages. Between the academies in La Elipa and San Blas/Ascao we have had classes in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and now we are adding one more – Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese is completely different from any our our European languages. First of all, the alphabet – there isn’t one! Instead there are characters. One single character can mean a whole word. However, there is also a system called pinyin that allows us to write a word using the roman alphabet, which is very helpful for learning the language.

For example

is written in pinyin as “hong.” it means “red”.

is written as “lu” It means “green”.

is written as “deng”. It means “light”

An interesting thing about Mandarin is that it is full of compund nouns, meaning, two or more words can go together to create a new one.

For example 紅綠燈 all together makes a new piece of vocabulary – traffic light!

Another example

(“fei”) is fly.

(“ji”) is machine

Together they mean aeroplane!

It means that, although it may seem difficult to learn reading the characters, building voculary is surprisingly easy.

Another interesting element of Mandarin is the sound. It is a tonal language, meaning if you say a word with a slightly different tone of voice, the word has a different meaning.

A classic example; (“ma”) with a high pitch tone means “mother”. But (also “ma”) with dipthong sound means “horse”. So you really don’t want to get the two words confused!

On the other hand, the grammar in Mandarin is relatively simple – there are no verb conjugations!!

Altogether, it is a fascinating language to learn and very satisfying. If you are looking for a new challenge, we will be starting Mandarin Chinese classes at our academies in La Elipa and San Blas/Ascao this summer. As always we have native speaker teachers to help you learn the language with fun and dynamic classes. Just contact us to reserve your place in the academies or call on 910014281 or 673340106

Juegos de Trivia – Martes 17 Mayo 20.30



We’ve nearly at the end of our free activites in Ciudad Lineal season and we’re finishing with Juegos de Trivia. Lauren, one of our native English teachers in Madrid is hosting a trivia quiz covering a wide range of subjects. The quiz should be suitable for all levels, the challenge is – do have the general knowledge needed to win???

Come along to the academy in la Elipa on Tuesday for a relaxed hour practising your English in a natural way. It’s completely free and there are prizes!!!

You can reserve your space at the Language Corner academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao or call us on 673340106 or 910014281

We ‘re looking forward to seeing you there!

Actividades de inglés gratis – Conversación – Football – 6 mayo 19.30



This week we continue our season of free English activites in Ciudad Lineal season. Max, one of our native English teachers in Madrid, will be hosting a conversation hour on many people´s favourite topic –football!

Which team do you support?

Who scored the best goal this season?

Who was your player of the year?

And why is it that British football fans sing “Ole Ole Ole????”

All of these questions and many more will be discussed – it’s a great chance to learn terms to talk about the beautiful game in a relaxed environment. To reserve your place, just contact us on 673340106 or visit us at the academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao.

And remember, it’s free!

See you there 🙂

Game of Thrones – discussion class! 28 Abril 21.00


Season 6 of Game of thrones started this week! Have you seen it yet?? With no more books to cover NOBODY knows what is going to happen next, including maybe writer George R Martin himself!

This Thursday at the Language Corner academy in La Elipa, Andy, one of our native English teachers in Madrid, will be leading a conversation class all about the sensational series. We’ll be discussing: what happened in the episode, how the story has developed so far, your predicitons for the future and just how do you think all the different elements of this massive fantasy world going to come together?!!

This is all part of our our Free English Activities in Ciudad Lineal season and remember, it is completely free, even if you are not a student at the academy.

To reserve your space, call us on 910014281/673340106 or visit us in the academies in La Elipa or San Blas/Ascao.

You can even wear fancy dress, if you want 😉 see you there!