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Poetry is an excellent way to improve your English. Poetry is diverse and allows you to choose from many different topics of interest. There are also endless styles and formats of poetry. Poetry vocabulary varies from simple to complex.
Many poems us repetition, rhyming, and rhythm to help increase your English pronunciation.

Go ahead, choose your favorite poem, in English, and get to reciting!!

The British Council has a great poetry and stories section to practice English, check it out here: Stories and Poems.

If you would like to use poetry in the English learning classroom, our native teachers can help you with that!

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Keep Improving Your English This Summer… Don’t Sleep On It!

Keep Improving Your English This Summer… Don’t Sleep On It!
This summer in-between your travel plans you should make time to keep improving your English. Taking an English audio book to listen to while you’re on the beach or something to read on the plane are great ideas to continue learning.

Don’t Sleep On It Inglés Madrid Verano!

At The Language Corner we don’t close during summer so for Intensive English Summer Courses in Madrid look no further! In addition to some regular classes continuing throughout the summer, we have special one week courses of 2 or 3 hours every day. It’s the perfect way to boost your English!

We have adults’ and children’s classes, from Beginner to Advanced, and Cambridge exam preparation (PET, First Certificate, CAE.) Ask us to find out our timetable.
Come and join our native English teachers in La Elipa to make rapid improvements while the rest of Madrid sleeps!


Christmas Gift Ideas pt. 3


For those people that are not interested in having English classes in Madrid and also are not able to participate in the Saturday workshops we have planned, how about giving The Language Corner’s Idiom calendar as a present. You, or your friends, can spend each month of 2016 learning a new idiom. (Idioms are common English expressions. Learning them will help you speak with more fluency). This calendar was designed by one of our very own native and qualified teachers, Daniel Matthews. Calendars are 10€ and are available for order at either Language School: Calle Gerardo Cordón, 51 Metro: La Elipa (l2) or Calle Gandi, 19 Metro: La Almudena (L2) or Garcia Noblejas (L7).

A beautiful gift for yourself or a friend, this calender will help you improve your English at home. Each month you will have a wonderful idiom on display with an explanation and sample sentence. If you are trying to improve your English in Madrid, this is an excellent idea!


Help Build a school in Tanzania and possibly win a car in Spain!

Jessica, one of the native English teachers at The Language Corner located on Calle Gandhi, 19 28017, spent one year volunteering in Africa. While in Africa, she volunteered teaching students who were learning English. This gave her lot of experience that she uses in her English classes in Madrid.

This experience also let Jessica see first hand what it is like to live in a “third world country”. If you are living in Madrid and would like to help a project in Africa, Born To Learn is a Tanzanian NGO. It helps to fund education for children who cannot afford it.

Born to Learn is an NGO in Tanzania helping children get an education.

Born to Learn is an NGO in Tanzania helping children get an education.

To help raise money for this NGO raffle tickets are being sold. Each ticket is 2,50€.  All money collected will be donated directly to the NGO. Not only are you helping a great organization, but one person will win a car! The draw will take place December 26th.

On Dec 26th on person will win the 1961 "Beetle".

On Dec 26th someone will win this 1961 “Beetle”.

Want to know where you can buy tickets? They are for sale at our English school in Madrid. The Language Corner English Academy has two centers to study English in Ciudad Lineal.
The Language Corner La Elipa Calle Gerardo Cordón, 51 (Metro La Elipa or El Carmen)
The Language Corner Gandhi Calle Gandhi, 19 (Metro La Almudena or Garcia Noblejas)

Want to learn more about Born To Learn check this video:


Win a 50% discount on March payment

Help us name our gentleman!

Our Gentleman

Submit names for our gentleman as comments on this post.
The person who submits the winning name will receive a 50% discount on the March payment.

Presente nombres para nuestro señor como comentarios de este blog.
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“GET THE JOB!” English CV and Interview Workshop in Madrid

Do you want to have a perfect CV in English? Do you find interviews in English difficult? The Language Corner offers a professionally prepared 2 hour workshop that will give you the edge over rival candidates.

Thursday 18th Decembermagnifying-glass-resume-mdn

Session 1 – Native CV (7-8pm)

Mistakes on your CV could cost you the job you’ve been looking for. Our course gives you the key to writing your CV in a more native style, and offers a CV checking service.Interview

Session 2 – Native Interview (8-9pm)

A native teacher with a Human Resources background takes you through the most typical interview questions in English, before moving on to more specialised interview techniques used by many companies, such as Behavioural Interviews.

Business handshake

11€/per session in our academy in Calle Gerardo Cordón 51, Madrid

Metro: La Elipa

Contact us on 91 001 42 81//673 340 106

Laughter Yoga in Madrid

laughingWe had a great time in our first Laughter Yoga session in Madrid in June so we are repeating it on 12th December in Calle Gandhi 19, Madrid. Everything is in English so not only will you feel great mentally and physically but at the same time you will also improve your English with the help of a native English speaker. Don’t worry about your level of English as only a basic level is needed to participate.


The price is only 6€, which includes a drink. Of course this session is for everybody, not just The Language Corner students, so tell all your friends!

Contact us on 91 001 42 81//673 340 106

Do you know what exactly is Laughter Yoga? Find out more here: Laughter Yoga in Madrid.

Kids Project from Calle Gandhi, La Almudena

The J2 group at our school in Calle Gandhi 19, La Almudena have made these fantastic photos to display a range of emotions in English. The children had a great time learning these conversational phrases and demonstrating them in picture form. We hope you have as much fun seeing the photos as the children did making them!


There will be more photos and videos to come from our classes for children to come in the next few weeks. So look out for the kids acting, singing or performing in English!