English conversation group in Madrid

Do you already speak English? Are you interested in putting your skills into practise, or perhaps brushing up on those skills, in a more social context than structured classes?

In our English conversation classes we focus primarily on speaking, listening, and more general conversation than in our more traditional English classes. We do, however, go over certain points and resolve dificulties as and when they come up in conversation so that the activity is still didactic, just in a more relaxed and true-to-life way.

The conversation classes are held every Wednesday at Mercado de Torrijos in Goya at 8:00 – 9:30 PM

Just 10 euros per 90-minute class, with a glass of wine wine included in the price.

To reserve your place, or more information, feel free to contact us at:

673 340 106


Mercado de Torrijos,

Calle del General Díaz Porlier 8

28001 Madrid


We hope to see you there!

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