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Reading in English is a great way to improve your comprehension and vocabulary, as well as other important areas such as sentence structure and punctuation. You can focus on a particular topic of interest and learn the relevant vocabulary to enable you to talk with confidence in English about recent topics. Often new terms are created or spread by newspapers, which you are unlikely to find in an English dictionary. Recently there have been various expressions relating to the financial crisis that passed into everyday use in English, such as ‘bailout’ and ‘financial haircut’. This makes it particularly helpful if you are preparing for one of the Cambridge exams such as First Certificate (FCE) or Cambridge Advanced (CAE). In newsagents and libraries you can often find print versions of UK and US newspapers such as The Daily Mail and The Wall Street Journal. While it may be difficult to find these in Ciudad Lineal they are widely available in the centre of Madrid. Within Pueblo Nuevo the best options are to try papelerias and kioskos on the main roads such as Calle Alcalá, Avenida Marques de Corbera or Calle Hermanos García Noblejas.

With your English language newspapers you also need to distinguish between the broadsheets and the tabloids; broadsheets are the larger intellectual newspapers and tabloids the smaller, more entertainment-based papers. There are no dedicated English language sports newspapers like you can find in Spanish, but normally the everyday newspapers will have a large dedicated section or pullout for sports.

An advantage is if you have visited a particular part of the country or have English speaking friends who have told you about current events in their area. If you are interested in a particular story then looking at the local newspaper for that area could provide more specialist information. Here are the complete lists so you can choose for yourself:

UK: http://www.thebigproject.co.uk/news/uk%20regions/index.html#.U3zeWvl_u2U

USA: http://www.thebigproject.co.uk/USNewspapers/index.htm#.U3zfovl_u2U


There are also online English language newspapers with a satirical take on current events, with probably the most well-known being The Daily Mash. This is similar to the Spanish El Mundo Today, though it is worth pointing out you will need to know the actual news first!

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