Interview with our student Marian about passing the Cambridge First Certificate


The Cambridge First Certificate is the most popular official exam to do these days. We have classes to prepare for it in the morning and evenings at both the academy in La Elipa and in San Blas, but did you know that you can also register with us to do the exam?

We are very pleased to offer our confratulations to Marian who was studying in a First class in La Elipa and registered to take the exam with us. She very kindly took the time to answer some of our questions about the process 🙂

Language Corner: How long were you taking classes at the academy before you took the exam?

Marian: I started taking classes in October and I did the exam in February

LC: Where was the exam? What was the test centre like?

M: In an official centre of Cambridge called Ecus Educational Development near Goya.

The test centre was small, but it had different classrooms for all people who were there. I did the exam by computer and the classroom was perfectly equipped.

LC: How was the exam? Was it what you were expecting? ´Was there anything you didn’t expect?

M: The exam was more difficult that I expected, I think I was nervious and I didn’t have the same time to think the questions like in class.

The academy gave me examples of exercises like the test and they were the same model like the exam. This was so good because I could practice before and I went to the exam knowing what kind of test I was going to do.

I think there wasn’t anything I didn’t expect.

LC: What was the most difficult part of the exam for you?

M: For me, the most difficult part was reading and use of English and it was my worst mark, although I still passed it. It’s a question of time. You have 1h and a quarter to do a lot of questions and, as I said before, you don’t have a lot of time to think. Readings are at the end of this part and there are people who have no time to answer everything.

L: What advice would you give to someone preparing for the First Certificate? Is there any special advice you would you give for the exam itself?

M My advice would be that you have to study not only in the academy, but also yourself (watching movies, listening radio, reading books) . Try to do as many tests as possible and control your time. It’s important not to be very nervious (although it is a difficult situation) and focus on your own work.

I think it is better if you are with a partner the day of the exam, because you can talk with him/her and you can do the speaking with him/her. This is very useful because you can practice with your partner before. But, actually I did the speaking part with a person that I didn’t know because I was alone and it was great too.

LC: Are you pleased with your result?

M: Yes I am really pleased with my result because I didn’t have  good feelings after the exam and I finally passed.

LC: So what is next for you? Will you start preparing for the Advanced certificate?

M: Yes, I have the idea to continue studying English. I hope to be prepared next year for the Advanced certificate.


Thanks Marian and congratulation again!

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