It’s getting chilly in Madrid!

It’s getting cold chilly in Madrid!

As the temperature begins to fall in Madrid, people are commenting on how cold it is getting. We hear the word cold a lot in our English classes in Madrid, which is not incorrect, but at the same time not very descriptive. As a way of instantly improving your level of spoken English, try using some of these words instead of the word ‘cold’:

  • Chilly /ˈtʃɪli/ : This word isn’t used for extremely low temperatures, more for that slightly uncomfortable feeling of being cold – “You should take a jacket, it’s getting a bit chilly outside.”
  • Nippy /ˈnɪpi/ : This word is basically the same as ‘chilly’, but is a slightly older, colloquial British expression – “It’s a bit nippy outside today!”
  • Freezing /ˈfriː.zɪŋ/ : The word ‘freezing’ literally means that water (or any liquid) is turning into ice, but you can use this word, as we often do, to exaggerate how cold it is – “I didn’t bring my coat and now I’m freezing!”
  • Wintry /ˈwɪnt(ə)ri/: This word doesn’t just refer to the temperature, you can also use it to describe a landscape or the weather in general, as it is the adjective form of the word ‘winter’ – “It looks very wintry outside today.”
  • Frosty /ˈfrɒsti/: the word ‘frosty’ can be used when the temperature is very low and a thin layer of ice has formed on everything outside – “It was very frosty here in Madrid this morning.”
  • Baltic /ˈbɒltɪk/: ‘Baltic’ literally refers to the Baltic region, which is one of the coldest regions of Europe, and is another way of exaggerating how cold the weather is – “It’s absolutely baltic outside today!”

So those are some words that you can add to your vocabulary to instantly improve your level of English. If you’d like some more tips on how to improve your English in Madrid, feel free to come and speak with us and our native English teachers at either one of our English academies in La Elipa and La Almudena (Metro line 2) in Madrid. We also offer Cambridge examination preparation classes, as well as other languages, such as French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

We hope to see you soon!


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