Laughter and English Learning

The Language Corner is an English Academy located in Cuidad Lineal, Madrid. Our two language schools are staffed with native English teachers. The teachers have experience in the field of education, but they also have other skills such as: business, theatre, art, dance, maths, science, and more.

Today’s article is about Laughter and Language Learning. Jessica, who is on staff at The Language corner, is a certified Laughter Yoga Instructor and a Laughter Therapist. She has been teaching English in Madrid for the last five years and has found it very common that Spanish students learning English talk about “vergüenza”. Jessica gives Laugher English workshops where she says, “Students are given the opportunity to practice English in a more relaxed and natural manner”.

There are many benefits to learning English with laughter as a tool. Some of these benefits are:

  • You will find yourself more attentive, more motivated, and more excited to go to class.
  • The level of interaction between students is higher.
  • The level of interaction with the teacher is higher.
  • Laugher is infectious and will have everyone participating.
  • Your levels of stress and anxiety are much lower while you are laughing.
  • Classes that include laughter are a lot of fun!

Interested in knowing more? In this video, Jessica talks about her experience using laughter in the English learning setting.


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