The Language Corner offers classes to students in the Ciudad Lineal Area. We are open Monday through Saturday with morning and evening hours available. A good level of English is essential for travelling the globe, searching for jobs or advancements, making new friends or understanding your favourite television series. When looking to improve your English, attending regular English Classes can help you achieve your goal.

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Another interesting possibility for learning English is if you are able to travel to a foreign country and attend classes. By travelling to an English speaking country you will have structured English classes each day, but you will also benefit from the immersion of being in a country that operates in English. This will have you thinking and speaking in English in a way that Spain cannot offer.

The Language Corner recently met with Mario from Inglés Aventura to discuss study abroad programs and options.

Inglés Aventura is a company that assists people in Spain with having a successful experience studying English overseas. It does not matter your age or level of English, Inglés Aventura will help find the correct course for you.

Travelling to a foreign country is an incredible experience. You are able to explore new sights, meet interesting people, learn from different cultures, taste exciting foods and so much more! Life is full of many different opportunities and one that you are never too young or too old to have is studying English abroad.


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