The Arrival of Spring… Almost!

We are now a few days into March and it is starting to feel like Spring in Madrid! The sun is out, people in the street have a smile on their face and the air is fresh with opportunities. For the native English people in Madrid this is also the type of weather usually found in May so it is a great relief. Have you been able to take advantage of the conditions and get out in the fresh air? The teachers in the schools in La Elipa and García Noblejas have enjoyed sitting outside the academies with a cup of tea when they aren’t giving conversation classes!spring-scenery-madrid-inglés-nativo

Spring is often said to be a time of new opportunities and so this may be the perfect time to brush up on grammar, gain fluency in conversation or gain a certificate in English such as First Certificate or CAE. Whether your level is basic, intermediate or advanced we have engaging and challenging classes to take your English to the next level.

And don’t forget that as well as English classes we also have French, German and Spanish classes, all with native teachers.

2 thoughts on “The Arrival of Spring… Almost!

    1. Phil Post author

      Opportunities to learn a language and grow as a person, as well as to experience the wonders outside in the street!


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