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Madrid rock band El Enano Rojo have recently released their new album “Memoria Selectiva.” As their bassist Jorge is also a Language Corner student in the academy at La Elipa, we took the opportunity to find about more about the band.

The Language Corner: Why did you choose the name El Enano rojo. In English it means “Red Dwarf”

Jorge: I wasn’t part of the band when El Enano Rojo was formed… It happened in 2002 and band members decided to be named after the English series “Red Dwarf” because they liked the name and the series was very funny.

TLC: How would you describe your music?

J: It’s difficult to explain because we make Rock without a particular style, we don’t attempt to copy anybody when composing our own music. We could say we are a cross of 70s rock and metal, with some flashes of punk and urban rock. I prefer people judge for themselves and can listen to us on the net!

TLC: How did the band get together? Did you meet in Madrid?

J: I suppose it was born between neighborhood friends (Fuenlabrada)… but you know, at that time I didn’t think one day I would have a rock band!

My teenage dream was always to have a rock band and since I had a little independence I’ve always been connected to the music world in some way. After a time living in Madrid I started looking for bands which needed a bass player to complete their formation … And so on December 25, 2010 (one symbolic day) I got in contact by phone with the guitarist of the band and we arranged to do an audition after the Christmas holidays.

TLC: When did you learn to play the bass? What´s the first song you learned to play?

J:I think when I was 14, my father had worked as a bassist in a orchestra for 20 years and he had a bass to lend me to practise.

I don’t remember the first song, I liked playing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs because the bassist (Flea), is one of my favourite bass players and RHCP as band too. I remember I was hooked by the “Can’t Stop” riff. I love playing it!

TLC: All of the songs on the album are in Spanish. Would you ever write a song in English?

J: It wouldn’t be problem to me now that I’m learning at Language Corner hehehe. I think the problem would be for the singer, although he exerts himself a lot when we play English covers on gigs.

TLC: We have spanish classes at the academy. Would listening to your songs be a good way to learn Spanish? Any songs in particular?

J: If students like rock music it would be a motivating way to learn, otherwise probably it could be a torture!

I don’t know, I like all of them but… the most popular in the last album could be “Aprienta los dientes” and “Para qué !!!”

TLC: What bands influced you? A few weeks ago we posted an article about Burning who formed in La Elipa. Do you think there are many bands in this part of town?

J: The list can be huge: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Marcus Miller, Queen, ACDC, Muse, O’Funk’illo, Michael Jackson…  I have always listened to a lot of kinds of music, especially rock and funk.

Madrid is a big city and is full of bands everywhere. An example is Burning who started at the end of the spanish dictatorship and it was a new stage for people and new music emerged.

Now in the neighborhood, we have a self-managed social center called La Dragona in which different groups are playing and different types of activities are held such as gigs, lectures, workshops, film-forum, etc.

TLC: Both of our academies are in Ciudad Lineal. Are there any good places to watch music in this area?

J: Maybe there are some places to watch music but I’m not too sure in this district. We have The Barracudas Rock Bar near Ventas… I’m sure there’re more, of course. I usually check a magazine called “nvivo” what informs about the most popular gig venues and all the concerts in Madrid city every month… It’s very interesting because you can discover more bands than you can imagine!!!

TLC: How often to you play gigs in Madrid?

J: It depends on the month because we have had 0-3 gigs in a month, we try to play at least one time. Now that we have released the second album “Memoria Selectiva” we have a little more activity.

LC: What is the future for the band?

J: We don’t think much in future, we have all our jobs and play music because it makes us feel good and in this way we try to enjoy life.

At present, we only hope to reach more people who like this kind of music and enjoy it with them at our gigs!

TLC: When is your next gig?

J: The next 22 of April we will play with two other bands (Platea and Descendientes) in Sala Olvido (Usera) to release a Compilation of 21 Underground Rock Bands (including us) titled “Latidos de RokanRol 5.0.

TLC: Good luck with the gigs and the album!!!

You can listen to El Enano Rojo’s album “Memoria Selectiva” here.



and contact them on their website here:


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