New Year’s Resolutions

The English Learner’s “New Year’s Resolutions”

This year I will:

  • Stop smoking
  • Join the gym
  • Put vocabulary or verb lists in obvious places. (Stick it on the fridge or in the bathroom)Resolution Fridge
  • Listen to audio, songs or podcasts, while cleaning, ironing or cooking. (These are the perfect activities when your hands are busy but you can still concentrate on the audio)
  • Start (or re-start) classes with The Language Corner!
  • Choose a TV series to follow in English, either with subtitles in English or Spanish or neither.
  • Use my mobile/tablet to read English on social media while on the Metro or waiting for somebody.Resolution Train
  • Write to native speakers using a website like LiveMocha.
  • Find places in Madrid to practice conversation in English.
  • Attend English classes regularly.

The Language Corner wish you a positive and successful 2015 learning English!