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Learning English through Social Media

There are various advantages to using social media to improve your English. Perhaps the simplest is that you can access the same information you would receive in your native language but instead in English. This way you can still keep up-to-date with the news, current events or your favourite celebrity but learn English at the same time! This is a great way to expand your vocabulary, on both the topics that you talk about regularly and others that may only be in the news a short time. Following specific topics or hashtags on Twitter will help you focus your reading on particular areas.

Another advantage is if you are overwhelmed by reading full newspaper articles in English then social media is a great place to start. You can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to receive small bits of information daily. This way you can continually improve your English, not just your reading skills, little by little.

A further benefit is being able to learn in your spare time. If you are on the bus or train, standing in a queue or waiting to meet a friend then spending 5 minutes reading Facebook posts or Twitter feeds in English will mean you are using your time productively.

Facebook specifically is excellent for following discussions, and learning the associated vocabulary and relevant grammar structures that go with them. Posts on Facebook and the comments left are not restricted by the number of characters and so people will generally write grammatically correct sentences or spell correctly! On the other hand you need to watch out for grammar errors (native English speakers don’t always have the best English grammar!) or informal language, although this can also be a benefit as you can get used to up-to-date native English in its natural form.

You can also follow certain channels on Youtube, both for entertainment and for learning English.

You can find a variety of specific pages for learning English, whether that is grammar, vocabulary or for Cambridge Exam preparation. And of course you should follow The Language Corner for daily posts on learning English!



New Year’s Resolutions

The English Learner’s “New Year’s Resolutions”

This year I will:

  • Stop smoking
  • Join the gym
  • Put vocabulary or verb lists in obvious places. (Stick it on the fridge or in the bathroom)Resolution Fridge
  • Listen to audio, songs or podcasts, while cleaning, ironing or cooking. (These are the perfect activities when your hands are busy but you can still concentrate on the audio)
  • Start (or re-start) classes with The Language Corner!
  • Choose a TV series to follow in English, either with subtitles in English or Spanish or neither.
  • Use my mobile/tablet to read English on social media while on the Metro or waiting for somebody.Resolution Train
  • Write to native speakers using a website like LiveMocha.
  • Find places in Madrid to practice conversation in English.
  • Attend English classes regularly.

The Language Corner wish you a positive and successful 2015 learning English!