This Summer – Learn English Abroad!!!


Have you or your child ever wanted to study English abroad? This could be the summer to do it!!!

This summer we are working with a partner company to organise study breaks in a variety of countries. UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Malta; there are lots of different places to go where you will be able to be immersed in an all English environment. There are a wide variety of locations to choose from, ranging from big bustling cities such as London or New York, smaller capitals bursting with culture and excitement (Edinburgh, Dublin) or more relaxed seaside towns (Bournemouth in England, Bray in Ireland)

Courses take place in a variety of carefully selected institutions including universities and private language schools, Students have a full course of English lessons and with native speaking teachers in an all English environment, you are bound to improve your language skills in a short time.

Students stay with a local family or in halls of residence (depending on which location you choose). Kids and teenagers are accompanied with Spanish monitors, so parents needn´t worry about their children being far from home!

The programes for kids and teenagers also include activites such as sports, discos, themed parties and of course day trips to visit the local area and other parts of the country!

If you are really serious about learning English, spending time in an English speaking country is a great way to make faster progress. And it’s not just because you will be surrounded by native speakers, its also an exciting adventure! When learning about other places and cultures nothing beats experiencing it for yourself, the sights, smells, people, the food!! (no comments about fish ‘n chips thank you!) It is a great life experience and will inspire you or your children with their language learning.

In addition to summer courses there are options available all year round for teenagers and adults, as well as working placement programes, au pair work, and even opportunities for English languages courses in Spain too.

So don’t delay, you can enquire about programmes and prices today at our language academies in La Elipa or San Blas, and this summer, you or your child could be off on their English learning adventure!estudiaringlésciudadlinealedinburgh

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