World Radio Day

Did you know today 13th February is World Radio Day? Listening to the radio is a great way of improving your listening skills in English.World Radio Day English Madrid

Key Benefits:

  • Only listening (no subtitles!)
  • Do another activity at the same time
  • Get used to different accents
  • People talking on a range of topics

A lot of people say they don’t like listening to English programmes because they don’t understand everything, but at the beginning that is to be expected! Think of it like being a baby, who doesn’t understand everything, but who has to learn to first recognise the important words and the context. Eventually they start to understand more and more until they do it without realising! Start by choosing a topic that you are interested in (sport, current affairs, science) and you will find it much easier.

Top English Language Radio Stations: on Radio Circulo
Madrid Live (100.4 FM): arts, entertainment and social interest in Madrid, broadcast Tuesdays at 18:30 and repeated on Wednesdays at 09:30.

Radio 80 (89 FM): broadcasts news in English Monday to Saturday from 07:00-08:00

Current affairs from a Spanish point of view, broadcast from next door to our school in La Elipa. Monday to Friday 23.30-00.00. Tuesday to Saturday 02.00-02.30.

With these programmes you have access to English language radio at all times of the day. All programmes are available to stream whether you are in Madrid or somewhere else!

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