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Inglés rápido

Below we have highlighted our favourite methods to study a language. Remember that a little goes a long way!

Rules & Grammar

Some of us LOVE grammar! A nice set of rules to follow can be helpful when navigating a new language, but sometimes those rules are made to broken. So if it doesn´t seem so clear to you at first, concentrate on immersing yourself and your brain will follow suit shortly.

Understanding Text

Answering questions can help process the information you have read rather than skimming over it. It can be quite tiresome however, so do so in short bursts which can be more rewarding.

Flashcards & Memory Games

Flashcards are wonderful for children. Colourful and bright, they can be used for fun matching activities and memory games. So why don´t we use them as adult learners too? A great break from mundane reading activities, they can make learning fun and are often the basis of language apps such as DuoLingo or QuizLet. Sometimes simply creating your own set of flashcards embeds the vocabularly into your brain too as an exercise in itself! We love using our language apps on the metro, or on the bus – the perfect time to study whilst you commute and most are free to use.

Dictionaries & Synonoms 

Seemingly a dying object, a hard copy dictionary might not be so useful. However online dictionaries can provide endless synonyms to help us understand the context in which a word can be used. This is invaluable if you want to learn to use the language like a native!

What are your favourite tips to learn a language? Share with us!